Bar Stools

Traditional Bar Stools are pretty plain and simplistic yet they were practical for higher tables and counters such as restaurant and coffee bars. This created more space within the restaurants and coffee bars and it is a concept that is still used today!

At Furniture Connexion, our Bar Stools have got the foot rest, the extra cushioning for you to sit comfortably and the required height to make dining comfortable. We have also incorporated modern style with practicality whilst keeping the old traditional structure.

These Stools do not only have to be in a restaurant or coffee bar. They can also be used to spruce up the home for a trendy appearance to keep up with the modern decor craze! Stools can be placed in the kitchen, around a high table in the dining room, and in the bar area where coffee can be enjoyed with friends and family.

View our wide range of Stools below. Choose from many different styles and colours.

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